Bengal Queens
Corsicana GodDiva of BIMINI
Genetic Tests Results Pk-def, PRA negative, HCM normal GodDiva or Diva was our choice from the first sign. Gorgeous girl with light base, big symmetrical rosettes with black crispy outlines. Diva has a very good profile and big rounded eyes. She is a perfect girl for our program. We have no doubt that this girl will bring us outstanding kittens.
Mariebengal MarieClaire of Bimini
Genetic Tests Results Pk-def, PRA negative, HCM normal We are proud to present a wonderful girl Mariebengal MarieClaire of Bimini. She is our new addition to Bimini breeding program. We are pleased with this girl. She has excellent head type with spectacular perfectly straight profile, short super fat tail, symmetrical pattern, clear base and very good lovable/kind personality. Special thanks for very good cooperation and professional job to Marie-Lisa Larocque.
Leora of BIMINI
Genetic Tests Results Pk-def, PRA negative, HCM normal We felt in love with his girl immediately when she was born from the pair of Boomerang Seas of BIMINI and PaintedCat Meteorite. It was no doubt that we want to keep Leora in our cattery. And she proofs our expectations. She becomes just amazing girl. Perfectly "donuts" shape three color rosettes with black outlines located very close to each other and runs all over her muscular and bonny body from neck to legs. No bar ribs. Fat tail. Good profile. She is exactly, the type of Bengal that we was dreaming.
Athena of BIMINI
Genetic Tests Results Pk-def, PRA negative, HCM normal We couldn't resist to keep this beauty from the pair of Cazpurr Boomerang Seas and Painted Cats Meteorite. She was a bright kitten and she become bright queen. Athena has very silky, high glitter, gold variation of tones coat. Her rosettes closed in every point and run all over her light gold coat from neck to legs...yes, her legs are also spotted. She is also a big, bonny girl with good head type and big cooper eyes. She is very attached to our family and likes when I rub her belly so much.
Cazpurr Boomerang Seas of BIMINI
Boo is a Queen of the house. She has incredibly sweet , calm and self confident personality. She is big and bonny, her eyes like to emeralds, her years very tiny. She is a very good mom who bring o us a very good kittens We happy to have her in our cattery.
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Abyssinian Queens
BabyStar our new addition to Abyssinian breeding program from Canada. She is a gorgeous rudy girl with very bright gold eyes. BabyStar has very rich reddish rudy color with high glittering. She is very elegant and gentle girl with "baby's" personality. She is in love with everybody.
Dior is gorgeous rudy Abyssinian girl. She has lean muscular elegant body with rich color. Her eyes just munificent. She is very playful and lovable girl .
Tiffany is a great example of the gorgeous Blue Abyssinian. She is our blue treasure with a big and prominent gold eyes. She is very lovable and luppy, gentle and elegant girl with queen's posture. Tiffany is a great mom and her kittens are always capture her beauty.
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