Tests Results:PK-def, PRA-b negative by parentage, pure for spotting
Personal characteristics:
We immediately felt in love with this outstanding girl, as soon as she was born from a pair of Athena and our keeper boy Python.
She growing up and becomes an amazing girl!
Perfectly "donuts" form three colored rosettes with black contours, located very close to each other and running around whole muscular and resilient body from neck to toe. Bastet does not have ribs, she has a fluffy tail and a sharp profile!
Undoubtedly, we want to keep this beauty in our cattery, because it justifies the highest expectations.
This girl is a high standard of the breed, which we could only dream of!
Tests results:
PKDef and PRA tests negative by parentage.
Personal characteristics:
GALAXY was born in our cattery. She is our keeper girl from Athena and Milo. Second generation born at home, is one of our greatest pride and a great example of Bengal Beauty!!
Silky short coat, rounded rosettes with prominent outlines, perfect horizontal flow of the pattern, no "rib bars" (vertical lines), warm shades of the reach brown color and sweetest personality!!
She has everything that we desire to see in Bengals. Gala is so stunning that you can never get enough of watching her.
Her photo gallery show her development from the small age.

Genetic Tests Results: Pk-def, PRA negative, HCM normal.
Personal characteristics:
GodDiva or Diva is our choice from the first sign.
A gorgeous girl with large symmetrical rosettes, black crispy lines on light wool. The Diva has a very aristocratic profile and large round eyes.
She is the embodiment of the ideal Bengal cat with wonderful temperament!
This beauty produce outstanding Bengal kittens here at BiminiCats.
Tests Results:
PK-def, PRA-b negative, HCM normal.
Personal characteristics :
We are proud to present the wonderful girl Mariebengal MarieClaire of Bimini.
She is our gorgeous revolutionary addition to Bimini's breeding program!
She has a perfect head type with a spectacular impeccable profile, and a lean flexible body with a short super-fluffy tail. The light wool of this little girl is decorated with a symmetrical pattern which is just a piece of art! In addition to fantastic appearance, the kitty has an easygoing, friendly character.
Special thanks for outstanding cooperation and professional work with Marie-Lisa Laroque.
Tests Results:
PK-def, PRA negative, HCM normal
Personal characteristics:
We could not resist the temptation to take this beauty, born of Cazpurr Boomerang Seas and Painted Cats Meteorite.
This little princess grew up to be the real Queen of her breed!
Now it's a big girl with a good type of head and big eyes that look right into your soul. Athena has very silky, high glitter, gold variation of tones fur. Her rosettes closed in every point and run all over her light gold coat from neck to legs...It's amazing, but her slender legs are also spotty! Her golden character worth special attention.
She is very friendly, faithful and gentle! She is outstanding mom for her kittens.
Tests Results:
PK-def, PRA negative, HCM normal
Personal Characteristics:
Lesya is our new jewel from South Carolina. She is an unusual sorrel brown black Bengal cat with a very short coat, a beautiful pattern with no rib bars and an outstanding color and contrast. She also has a pretty head with tiny ears and beautiful green eyes.
The best and the most famous lines of Bengals in her pedigree. She's an adorable Bengal cat with the sweetest temperament.
Pictures update coming soon
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