Bengal Studs
Bengal Luxe Milo of BIMINI
Genetic Tests Results Pk-def, PRA negative, HCM normal Milo is our new coming stud. He captures our heard immediately. He has absolutely beautiful short and high glittered bright coat with pattern like a Art. Milo is a big boy with stunning strong body. He has a greed eyes and very nice profile. He is pure of love and ball of energy. We are happy to have such a beautiful boy in our cattery.
Myanmar Senator of BIMINI
Myanmar Senator of Bimini Genetic Tests Results Pk-def, PRA negative We feel so fortunate to have this boy and think he is just perfect. He has absolutely wonderful profile, well placed ears and a beautiful head type. We love his huge black outlined rosettes with the rust centers, very short, silky coat with amazing glittering. Senator has no rib bars. He is a very elegant boy with a lean muscular body. He looks like real leopard. The big point is his personality!! He is so active, fast, playful and lovable!! He is our "monkey" More updates as he matures.
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Abyssinian Studs
Mitya is the smartest, most lovable and intelligent cat which I ever know. He is always ready to give a lot of kisses, cuddle, make a massage, play, warm up or just be close to us. He is definitely a King of the house.
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