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6 reasons to fall in love with Oriental cats once and forever
The Oriental is a cat of extremes. With bat-like ears and lean mean bodies, these striking cats are truly unique in appearance. It is always a pleasure to show such cat to your guests. You can admire their fascinating grace and plastic movements. The fur of this cat are short, glassy and lies close to the body and to the touch it is very silky. You will not find such in any other breed of cats! It's amazing that the wool does not require any special care. Even in case of allergy, you do not have to collect fur throughout the apartment, while sneezing and coughing, because cats practically do not shed, and their hair is hypoallergenic.
Orientals love to talk with owners. They can tell you the whole story of their lifes :) This fun-seeking cats loves to be the center of attention, and will always keep you guessing with what they are going to do next. The Oriental is a great cat choice for an active family that will give their cat lots of love and attention as this is a true requirement of the breed. Oriental will get attached to their families very quickly.

The Oriental cats are not only beautiful but also is highly intelligent. cats are very sociable, adapt well in the family, get along with cats, dogs, love to play with children! They are calm to guests, but watchful, because they are really attached only to their master. As elegant as the Oriental looks, they are quite lap cat. They are extremely affectionate and will sleep next to their owners.
It may be hard to decide which cat breed is head of the class due to stipulations in each breed, but many report that the Oriental Shorthair is among the smartest (if not the smartest) of all cat breeds. These intelligent cats enjoy interaction, stimulation, play time, and are naturally inquisitive by nature even more so than your typical cat.
These are very intelligent animals, capable of making their own decisions. Having bought such a cat, you will always have a companion for conversations and games.
They Are Hypoallergenic
While no cat is ever going to be 100% allergy-free to humans, the Oriental Shorthair is reported to trigger almost little to no allergies for those who are said to be allergic to cats.
- low Fel d1 production rate
- Very low shedding rate
- No undercoat
- Have short hair
Lack of Grooming
One of the reasons why people have loved Oriental cats for decades is their lack of grooming. Oriental cat owners get the best of both worlds - a beautiful coat thst is shiny and silky, yet without the long hair and shedding as other breeds have.
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