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5 reasons to fall in love with Bengal cats once and forever

Bengal cats will embody the prestige and decoration of your home. It is always a pleasure to show such cat to your guests. You can admire their fascinating grace and plastic movements, which usually can boast only a wild beast. Bengal cats have a unique color, because the fur of the animal has a noble color from a sandy to a reddish-brown hue with characteristic contrasting spots. The fur of this cat is thick and has a recognizable ebb - the so-called Bengali glitter, and to the touch it is softer than silk. You will not find such in any other breed of cats! It's amazing that the wool does not require any special care. Even in case of allergy, you do not have to collect fur throughout the apartment, while sneezing and coughing, because cats practically do not shed, and their hair is hypoallergenic.
These are muscular cats of athletic build, deft and fast, with strong bones. Due to this they are excellent hunters, able to patiently track down prey, jump high and quickly climb trees. Therefore, if you are concerned about rodents or insects, with the advent of Bengal in the house, this problem will be solved by itself. Bengal cats inherited agility and a special, easily recognizable gait from their wild ancestors from Southeast Asia. And still the jaws of this animal are well adapted to rough food, so the food for them will not have to be processed and mashed in a special way.
With proper upbringing, these animals have a friendly temper and love the human company. Bengal cats are very sociable, adapt well in the family, get along with cats, dogs, love to play with children! They are calm to guests, but watchful, because they are really attached only to their master. And in this matter the Bengals demonstrate truly dog-like devotion!
These are very intelligent animals, capable of making their own decisions. They can study the actions of people and try to repeat them, for example, open doors or wee on the pan. Bengals are easy to train. You can teach a cat to bring a ball, play hide-and-seek, table tennis and even sing along! Also, Bengals quickly get used to their nickname and gladly respond to it. It seems that their passive vocabulary is much bigger than other breeds of domestic cats! Any Bengal is able to follow the basic commands - "Come!", "Stop!", "Wait!", "Fetch!" and others. Therefore, having bought such a cat, you will always have a companion for conversations and games.
In addition to the fact that the Bengals are good hunters, they also earned the fame of anglers! These cats can safely swim in the pool with a toy in their teeth, swim with you on a boat, raft or surfboard, catch waves in the sea or catch fish in the coastal waters and garden ponds. With such a friend you will never get bored! Bengals will be excellent companions during trips and walks on the leads. And even adult cats remain very energetic and rarely sit in one place!